• - 5 Hanging Mosaic Lamps

    - Handmade

    - Colored by Heat

    - Globe diameter: 12 cm (4.7")

    Height : 80 cm (31")

    Diameter: 30 cm (11.8")

    - Mosaic manufacturing in Anatolia goes back to 6000 years ago, today it is used to create one-of-a-kind decorative lamps.

    - Lamps are made by Experienced Anatolian Artisans.

    - These lamps lasts generation to generation.

    - Can be used in worldwide.  

    The chandeliers are shipped inside custom made wooden boxes which can be used to store the chandelier safely if needed.

    Ready to ship in 1-7 business days. We supply tracking numbers for all orders. 
    ESTIMATE DELIVERY after Shipping:
    Europe: 2-4 business days
    For U.S-Canada: 2-5 days
    For rest of the world: 2-5 days

    For wholesale inquiries please contact us: contact@grandbazaarshopping.com

  • As our artisans make Mosaic Lamps and Chandeliers by cutting and placing each mosaic piece by one by, it is the nature of these handmade items that they cannot be identical as the pictures.

    Another quality that makes these lamps unique is that they look different when they are not lit and when they are lit (they show the reflection of the light with their gorgeous colors.


Sokak 12, Kapalicarsi, Istanbul



UK                                         1-3 days

Europe                                 1-3 days

U.S. /Canada                       2-4 days

South America                    2-5 days

Rest of the World               2-5 days



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