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    - A mix of favorite Turkish Baklavas.

    - Includes: Pistachio Baklava, Walnut Baklava, Pistachio Dolma, Pistachio Durum, Walnuts Sarma.

    - 1 kg includes 20-22 baklava.

    - Always freshly baked in Turkey.

    - Generous layer of crushed and whole pistachios & walnuts.

    - Stays fresh for 10 days at room temperature.

    - Options: 500 gr, 1 kg, 1.5 kg, 2 kg.

    - Comes with special vacuumed box. 

    - Our Baklava is unlike any other baklava on market today. It comes directly from Spice Bazaar's most well known baklava shop with an experience of 50+ years, made in small batches, ensuring you will always get the freshest baklava. With an uncompromised commitment to quality, an obsessive attention to detail, we guarantee you won´t find a better tasting Baklava.

    Ready to ship 1-4 business days. All orders are shipped via Express Shipping and tracking number is supplied for each order.


    Europe: 2-4 business days

    For U.S - Canada: 2-5 days

    For rest of the world: 2-5 days

    For wholesale inquiries and other questions please contact us: contact@grandbazaarshopping.com


Sokak 12, Kapalicarsi, Istanbul



UK                                         1-3 days

Europe                                 1-3 days

U.S. /Canada                       2-4 days

South America                    2-5 days

Rest of the World               2-5 days



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