- 1.30 KG (2.8 lbs)

Pure Karakovan honeycomb is filled with benefits. The name "Karakovan" (Dark hive) is given because of the Dark hives used in the process and the honey does not see a sunlight for 6 months which also is the reason of an extraordinary delicious taste of this honey.

In Turkey, Karakovan Honeycomb is known as a natural cure.


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  • Information

    - It is antiseptic

    - Boosts the immune system

    - High in antioxidants

    - It strengthens the midday.

    - It opens the appetite, gives strength and strength to the body.

    - It removes constipation.

    - It helps to weaken with a feeling of satiety.

    - It cuts off sputum, cuts off coughing.

    - Cleans the liver and chest.

    - It ensures that metabolism works properly.

    - It lowers cholesterol.

    - It cuts the diarrhea.

    - It is all-natural for asthma.

    - It has a relaxing effect on the nervous system.

    - It improves prostate disease.

    - It treats psoriasis.

    - Hepatitis B, hepatitis C, jaundice.

    - It is a good source of energy for the athletes.

    - It opens and cleans the veins. It is a good heir.

    - It removes anemia from the middle.

    - Pain is an effective medication for burns.

    - It is a diuretic.

    - Increases sexual performance.


Sokak 12, Kapalicarsi, Istanbul



UK                                         1-3 days

Europe                                 1-3 days

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South America                    2-5 days

Rest of the World               2-5 days



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